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Dr Wendy Ross
Keynote Speaker
Whole Food Plant Based Advocate
Bachelor of Arts (Economics & International Politics) University of South Africa

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery     
(MD in USA & Canada)
Flinders Medical School, Adelaide, Australia
Licentiate of Medical Council of Canada
Certificant of College of Canadian Family Physicians
Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition - Cornell University
Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa,  Dr Wendy Ross has lived and worked all over the world. 

Dr Ross trained as a General Practitioner in Oncology and was the Lead Physician in the Penticton Cancer Clinic for almost ten years. Her clinical practice with cancer patients  ignited an interest in preventative health leading her to research the benefits of a whole food plant based diet for optimum health.


In 2017 Dr Ross was appointed to be the Medical Consultant for the International Association of Firefighters Local 1399 with a focus on preventative health for the firefighters.

Further research and soul searching led her to the conclusion that health has many determinants, encompassing diet, daily exercise, leading a purposeful and joyful life and reducing unnecessary and toxic stressors.  It also became clear that individuals have the power to take charge of their own health.

Discovering the sport of freediving re-ignited her love for the ocean and helped her finally integrate these concepts into her own life. 

Dr Ross is  excited to invite you to come join her for a week (or longer) at one of our beautiful seaside locations in Mexico and the Bahamas to learn how to make the changes to truly Reset Your Life. 

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