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Your Personalised Reset Your Life


If you have your own group of six or more people we can choose a date that suits your needs and curate the week to your individual requirements. Our selection of personalised weeks includes:


Healthy Bachelor/ette Parties

Not everyone wants to go to a noisy all-inclusive and spend a boozy week before they get married. More and more thoughtful young (and not so young!) people would rather do something meaningful and more in alignment with their core values leading up to their wedding. A Reset Your Life getaway can be the perfect time to explore how to commit to a meaningful life in the future - either together as a couple with close friends or separately. 


Cancer Recovery

Have you or a loved one completed chemotherapy or radiation treatment? Are you eager to learn how best to recover and transition from being a patient to a survivor? What better way to do this than with the support of your close friends and family and the expertise Dr Ross brings after ten years in cancer care? Together you can all learn how to maximise recovery, minimise the chances of the cancer returning, and everyone in the group can discover that this same way of life will enhance the likelihood of remaining cancer-free, both for patients and those who have never had the disease. 

Environmental Stewardship

If your group has a special interest in learning more about conservation or activism, such as minimising use of plastics and moving towards a life that generates less waste,  the week can revolve around this theme too. Reduce - reuse -recycle! Learn about simple daily changes you can make to improve your own health and that of the planet.

Autoimmune Disease Self-Management

It seems like every day more and more people are succumbing to different auto-immune diseases. Many of these have no specific treatments and many have treatments that help but not fully. Rheumatologists are constantly encouraging their patients to learn self-care and to really examine how their lifestyles are contributing towards difficulty with symptom management. A week with us will have you well on your way!


Transitioning to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet

People are increasingly aware of the benefits of following a Whole Food Plant Based diet, both for optimal health and for the benefits to the environment. One of the most common complaints we hear though, is how difficult it is to follow or that people are not sure how to do this. A Reset Your Life Week with this topic as the main theme, will show you how delicious and easy it is to adopt a WFPB lifestyle and even to have your family happily following the program too!

We can not only tailor the sessions for your group but we can also arrange  a package of excursions just to suit your groups' tastes and interests. We do offer discounts for group bookings. 

Contact us now to choose your date!

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