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Crushing COVID-19 - how you can!

If you are not lucky enough to be riding out these tough times on a tropical island here's a look at what we can all do to optimise our...

Alcohol and breast cancer

Confused by the many conflicting stories about what to do for optimal health? This is even more fraught once you have a cancer diagnosis...

Bombarded with choices

Many food companies have hopped on the plant-based marketing wagon to boost sales and mislead consumers...

Does your attitude affect your health?

There are many studies that link a strong internal locus of control with improved physical and mental health and overall quality of life..

Who needs vitamin B12 supplements?

No fungi, plants or animals (including humans) can make B12. Only bacteria have the enzymes needed for this process.

The protein question

The frequently asked questions that people following a Whole Food Plant Based Diet is - But where do you get your protein?

Sipping soup slowly....

Pretty much anyone who has ever dieted will have been advised, at some stage, to avoid drinking their calories. In Dr Greger's book "How...

Your lifesaving Daily Dozen

Raise your hand if you've heard the term "daily dozen". Did you know "Daily Dozen" is from Dr Michael Greger’s book: How Not to Die.

You are perfect right now!

Let's just start with that! Where ever you are in your journey to better health and a healthier body - let's stop with the self-criticism...

2020 - Learning How not to Diet!

Welcome to The Saltwater Doctor's How Not to Diet club! Yes! This is the name of the fabulous Dr Michael Greger's latest book - and, no,...

Who is controlling your life?

Sometimes we need to challenge our own preconceived ideas about why people are successful and happy. Is your glass half empty or half full?

The many health benefits of saunas

In Finland, the ritual of a daily sauna is considered to be an essential part of a healthy life — not a luxury.

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