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What clients and colleagues have to say about The Saltwater Doctor:


Dr Wendy Ross' knowledge of healthcare is exceptional and her presentations reflect that. She is passionate about good health and has the ability to make her audiences feel that same passion every time. She motivates people with her easy-going positive approach. Recently she spoke to a group of fifty accountants for my organisation (not an easy audience at all!) and the feedback I received exceeded all my expectations. Every person left with different ideas to take home and at a recent partners' meeting, three months later, we were still discussing the presentation and how we had incorporated many of her suggestions into our lives. I would highly recommend Dr Wendy Ross!

Andrea Kemp, CPA, CGA

Partner, The Kemp Harvey Group

"I would highly recommend Dr Wendy Ross as a knowledgable and energizing health and wellness expert. Her passion, humour, extensive work experience and education are a winning combination!"  


Steve Farina

Vice President - Lower Mainland

British Columbia Professional Firefighters'Association

Capt Steve Farina

I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Dr. Wendy Ross and know her to be the penultimate professional - outstanding for both her integrity and competence. Her dedication to her patients is exemplary, both in terms of saving lives and allaying suffering.


Wendy's passionate advocacy for whole health makes her one of the most well rounded physicians and people I know. What makes her a "stand out" though, is her commitment to her own personal growth and fitness despite adversity, modelling what she supports others in doing. 


Having the passionate and compassionate Dr Wendy Ross facilitate your well-being will forever enrich your life. And more than anything,  you will have fun !


Dr. Karin Kilpatrick M.B.Ch.B Cape Town, C.C.F.P Canada

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