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Reset Your Life!

So it's usually that one time of year - you know, when you make your New Year’s resolutions and those BIG plans to make lasting change... Probably since we’re over halfway into the New Year, your resolutions are already in tatters!

I am sure, if you are like most people, you made the resolutions with excitement and optimism… “I really am going to lose those last ten pounds before summer this year!” Or, “I am going to buy another gym membership and actually use it this time.” Maybe you planned to finally clean out your adult child’s bedroom (since they left home 15 years ago!) and turn it into a study or meditation room. Sound familiar? Or did you feel so pessimistic about your ability to change that you didn’t bother to even make resolutions this year?

Well let’s look at what is really going on here. Why do you think that you keep making the same “Resolutions” over and over and not really ever attaining your goals? Are the goals too specific or too general? Are the goals something you actually really care about? Or are you being driven by what you think others are thinking about you?

Maybe if it wasn’t for societal pressure, which we tend to take upon ourselves, we wouldn’t really care about those few extra pounds and would just relax and enjoy life and the odd treat. Maybe the thought of going to the gym is actually about as enticing to you as a trip to the dentist (sorry dentists..) So why keep beating yourself up about this?

Often our “Resolutions” stem from a state of mild discontent about our lives in general. Sometimes it can be even quite marked dissatisfaction with life. Maybe you really don’t like your job and/or your co-workers. Maybe you work in a toxic environment that has been draining you for years but haven’t had the courage to look for another position. Maybe it is just a boring and unfulfilling job?

Are you in an unhappy, draining relationship where you do not get the love, respect, companionship and fulfilment you would like? But you stay, thinking that “this is the best it gets”, or that people your age can’t find love again, or that you are being unrealistic to hope for more, and that happy relationships are only truly found in the movies.

Maybe you are disappointed with how your life has turned out so far and blame your childhood, your parents, missed opportunities and other people for why you never became a movie star, a teacher, a star hockey player or a ———(insert your own dream here!) Maybe you are just feeling a bit “blah”, finding life uninteresting and not really looking forward to anything. Maybe you are bored with your few friends and are tired of talking about the “same old, same old” every time you get together.

If any of the above scenarios are striking a chord for you - it sounds like it is time to Reset your Life. Take the plunge-with both feet in and join us for a one-week Retreat at one of our tropical locations! During that time we will discuss how to improve your health and set goals that are realistic and fun. We will be looking at relationships, both at work and at home, and how you can be the catalyst for change in these. We will examine how to review your long held and limiting beliefs and replace them with ideas that enable you to start living a happier and more authentic life, starting right away. Why not you? Why not now?!

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